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New Gear for the site

February 1st, 2008

I’m going to make a new gear of the site. Currently there’s only “Computer” “Game Related” “News” and “Websites” each represented by a color… I made this site so long ago I don’t remember which color is which. I think white is news, red is game, other than that. I dunno. Anyway! I’m gonna make a new gear, and I’m not going to use a color.

I’m making a gear that’s going to be about concepts. After Squdi went halfway through his “300 game idea” challenge. I figure “Why hold back on concepts I never plan on actually making anyway?” so I’m going to talk about them more. I know I’ve said this on at least 2 of my other websites(prolly even said it here once), but this time… IT COULD BE THE ONE.

And… this site actually gets traffic while my other sites don’t. :)