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I tried doing it dry.

February 21st, 2013


But some things glued together so well. For my testing pieces I’m going to go ahead and super glue them together, this will make developing the actual system easier for me than trying to figure out the mechanics of these things.

The Idea – Mini-Pinball

February 3rd, 2013

I’m not sure if I’ve been too cryptic or just plain didn’t give the information but, I’m building a pinball table that can fit on my desk at work. Granted I can go to Toy’s R Us and hack apart a pinball machine and do that (Believe me I tried). Since that video 3 years ago, I’ve picked up a few tricks and things that will benefit me greatly. I also decided to not only build it from scratch and document it, I’m also going to release all of my eps files and circuit boards (possibly Eagle files) so that you(or someone you love) can build one yourselves.

In all of this building I also want to make as little work necessary to actually build and get the machine running. With the exception of the electronics everything should be able to piece together like Ikea furniture. I’ve been using Ponoko to get all of the parts cut and making trips to various stores to get additional hardware. Again, my goal is for there to be as little work needed for the end user as possible.

With that goal in mind, the casing of the pinball machine is more of a kit to JUST have a box. I’m going to separate the table itself from the box so that it can be completely customized. When I have the entire thing up and running I will release eps files for the table that I create as well as any other notes for building a functional table.

At the time of this writing here is the current purchasable parts list for me.
28 x #4-40 x 3/4 Machine Screws(& nuts)

Yup. That’s it so far. I’ve excluded the parts that I haven’t finalized and I haven’t delved deep enough into the solenoids and servos side yet. I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to make the flippers move without having an extremely complicated parts list. I’m also trying to keep this machine as dry as possible (meaning no need to glue anything)… We’ll see where we end up.