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Pinball Parts arrived

January 31st, 2013


Here’s my test pieced together

Pinball Size Test

January 26th, 2013


I’m not building a diorama. This is one of the many test I’m doing to build my pinball machines. Waiting on some parts to arrive(maybe today because they’re shipping from Oakland)

Happy 2013

January 22nd, 2013

I’m hopefully not going to regret this post in 7 months. Hopefully I keep my New Years Resolution which I fail every year of blogging more. So, here are a list of goals I hope to keep this year.

  1. Finish Updating TroyDPatterson.com Goodness it’s been 3 years I haven’t finished yet
  2. Finish Icarus Ascend See above comment of it being 3 years
  3. Finish Pinball Machine Personal project for more than 3 years that I’ve been making killer progress on
  4. Migrate TroyDPatterson.com I’m sick of the downtime I keep experiencing
  5. Learn Unity

That doesn’t seem to be too tough. I’ve been working on a map editor for Icarus Ascend for the past few months, it’s almost ready to pass off to a level designer. Then I have to think about stuff like music and sound effects. I have a few folks in mind I’m going to pass out a line to, to see how well that goes.

As far as TroyDPatterson.com goes, I’ve been working on it in the background when I get bored. The site isn’t super buggy right now, but I want to experiment a little more and try and compress everything again. The 3 section system doesn’t seem to work well for me. I don’t know how often you’ve been visiting, I’ve been experiencing a lot of down time for stupid reasons. I’m going to fix that this year.

I’ve been working on a lot of pinball stuff in my spare time, learning how they work and testing various things out with Arduinos and my Raspberry Pi. I’ve been putting together a prototype, but it’s not ready to show anyone just yet.

I’ve been meaning to learn Unity for years now, so much so it’s becoming a nuisance. After I finish Icarus Ascend I’m going to move on to actually learning it. First… I have to finish.

Be Well, All.