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Another weirdly spaced out update

March 23rd, 2011

Just like last time. I’m going to start off like this…

The Bad News first(That way you have something good to look forward to)
My small pinball machine I was working on was put on hold. I put all the parts aside to come back to later. My video camera broke so I was unable to make any more video until it was repaired. I don’t have access to any of my tools anymore since I moved. I’m unable to work on my arcade machine or my pinball machine. And to make matters worse I got mega swamped with work because…

The Good News
I moved to California! I was hired by a gaming company (Jet Morgan Games) out in Los Angeles. I had roughly 2 weeks to get my life in order to move out here, and it’s been nothing but Chaos since. I’m really enjoying myself, and I’ve officially released 5 games so far. (Go to BattleForce5.com and check out the season 2 games). I’ve managed to get a little free time to work on a few personal projects, but I unfortunately cannot work on my larger art projects. I do still function, so don’t remove this from your rss feed reader or anything yet.