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So I’m closing up Travis vs Troy 2.

October 19th, 2009

No unfortunately folks I’m not going to post anything. I know it’s tacky for the few of you who may have been waiting. Unfortunately the project was a huge failure and I have to go back and look at where I made my mistakes(besides the obvious lack of time and documentation). I’m moving on to other projects which I may post about in the coming weeks. Sorry for wasting your time on that one. (Good news is. It was a learning experience for me.)

Director Notes

October 13th, 2009

Exporting 3D in director

The exporter supports character animation using bones and the Skin modifier, or a character studio® biped with the Physique® modifier. Bones are exported not as geometry, but as Shockwave 3D bones.

If the bones deform a mesh with the Skin modifier, the scene must be arranged in a specific manner to cause the bones and mesh to export properly:

* All bones for each mesh object must be linked, and linked contiguously. In other words, each bone must link to another bone, with one bone acting as the root for the entire hierarchy.

* You’ll get the best results if all bones are created in the same viewport, and bones are created individually (not copied or mirrored).

* All vertices in the skinned mesh must be assigned to at least one bone, even if they constitute a part of the mesh that isn’t animated. Otherwise, the mesh will distort on export.

* You must group the bones and the skinned mesh with the Group menu > Group command prior to export. If you have more than one set of bones with skinned meshes, create a separate group for each.

* You can also export animation on IK chains and dummy objects. These objects must be grouped with the skin and bones to export correctly.