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Playground Update

March 25th, 2009

Well I’ve finally figured out what I’m going to do with the “Playground” button on Troy D Patterson dot com. It currently says “Popsknot” but that’s going to change once I finish what I have planned. It’s nothing big or grand. Just making note of that.

So I’m almost done unpacking but I realized in the move I lost A LOT of stuff. Wires, PC components, software, hardware, toys, etc. All that… Gone. I’ve torn apart my new place looking for stuff, but I’ve found nothing. So I’m starting over with a bunch of projects and things from square one. Not a big deal, I had to start over many since I have a new PC. But now… I’m going to begin. My step, a mini PHP CMS.

10 days later…

March 14th, 2009

I had one of the three arcade cabinets delivered… unfortunately for me, it won’t fit through my office door. I have to call the landlord and ask him if I can pull the jambs off to give me the extra 2 inches that I need. It’s a JVC(Jamma 3?) cabinet so I have a little rewiring to do, but the monitor is VGA so I’m good good gravy on that part.

Earlier today I got a new CPU fan for Rebio, and as soon as I get off my duff machine, I can start working with that again and resume progress on Dig as well as the thousand other projects I have sitting in the queue. I’m debating on if I’m going to try and hook Rebio up to the machine to see what happens, but the last thing I need is for Rebio to go right back out.

I started a MrTroy Twitter but I still don’t get the appeal. I don’t talk on there any more than I did here.

Almost back.

March 2nd, 2009

I’m still moving, but a brief updates says…

  • I finally bought a new PC so I can start developing again
  • I finally moved in to a new place so I can start building again
  • My new place has a working kitchen so I can start cooking again
  • I have a back yard that needs to be cleaned out so wood work is going to take a while
  • I have an office with space for a few more developers + all 3 of my arcade machines… good times
  • I have a few ideas for themes that I want to do for this site. So stay tuned for that.
  • So, hopefully in the next two weeks once I’m unpacked I’ll be back to begin regular updates. Work with me in the mean time please.