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February 8th, 2009

So I’ve been slowly(VERY SLOWLY) Relearning Torque. And I’m slowly becoming annoyed with the starter kits. I do realize that the PC market isn’t what I want it to be, and there is not much I can do about that EXCEPT make the change to the industry myself. So that being said I’m going through the process of ripping out everything in Torque that doesn’t do what I need it to or isn’t useful to me.

The engine is perfect for making a first person shooter, as well as being able to create an MMORPG(with a few kits here or there). But the 2D platformer style elements doesn’t seem to be there at all. So I’m trying to recreate it with the 3D engine. I just want to take a little bit about the process in case someone else wishes to attempt it and are looking for a reference.

First thing on my list has been ripping out almost all of the networking code. I know for a fact, that later versions of Dig will require some form of networking, but as it stands I’ve only been thinking about remaking the Jet Pack Attack demo from 2006. Possibly doing a single player mode, I have a story and everything already written.

For a few of the Tag demos I wanted to run I’d have to also remove the networking. Most of the Tag stuff will be art pieces so I don’t need anything connected via any kinda network. Things are going to take a lot longer than the “One Weekend” I predicted last week.

Removing and base framing Torque.

February 1st, 2009

Since I’ve moved from engine to engine with Dig(From Director, To Torque Game Engine, to Torque X, and now to Torque Game Engine Advanced) I’ve been trying to rip out everything that I don’t need in some kind of way to start from scratch. I’ve purchased 3 Torque books thus far, even though they’ve been helpful I don’t feel as though they are trying to do with Torque what I’ve been trying…

Without going on a tangent. I’m just going to say that I’m attempting to make a console game using Torque that has complete gamepad support. This weekend I’ve been attempting to remake the 2006 Dig Otakon demo. I’m only going to allow for 1 player gamepad support. And the ability to toggle between the 4 using the numbers “1”,”2″,”3″, and “4”(go figure).

I’ve been so far removed from Torque this feels like I am starting all over again.