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Troy Versus Travis – Day 1 end.

September 1st, 2008

As we end the first day, I’ve gotten so much done today I’ve surprised myself. I know I’ll be able to make this deadline easily and I can focus more on fluff. When this thing is done, I’m going to try and expand on this thing a lot more to make it a full blown game.

I’ve learned a lot about Flash Classes today… that’s a good thing. That’s what this project is about… learning.

Troy Verus Travis: Day 1

September 1st, 2008

Finally! Day one of Trav’s defeat. Two months to complete a small web game. I didn’t think it would be enough time for me to complete something…. but then I started working first thing this morning I started figuring out my schedule. The first Month is going to be Design and Building. The second Month is going to be all about polishing it. It’s amazing that not being able to write anything down on paper nor build any part of it has HELPED me flesh out the design and architecture better.

Well starting today Travis should prepare to have his cheeks handed to him… and women shouldn’t wear white pumps till memorial day. :)

Wish me luck.