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“OMG! You said Troy vs Troy rebuild was coming” – You

June 4th, 2009

I know some of you may be asking where the second version is that I was suppose to post last week. Honestly enough I’ve been side tracked with paying attention to other gaming news and working with Torque. I managed to get Torque to do some fantastic(“normal” to others) things, and I started neglecting flash. So I’m uploading what I have thus far. I’ll continue to work on this on the train until I’m done….
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Almost back.

March 2nd, 2009

I’m still moving, but a brief updates says…

  • I finally bought a new PC so I can start developing again
  • I finally moved in to a new place so I can start building again
  • My new place has a working kitchen so I can start cooking again
  • I have a back yard that needs to be cleaned out so wood work is going to take a while
  • I have an office with space for a few more developers + all 3 of my arcade machines… good times
  • I have a few ideas for themes that I want to do for this site. So stay tuned for that.
  • So, hopefully in the next two weeks once I’m unpacked I’ll be back to begin regular updates. Work with me in the mean time please.

    Rebio and Darren

    January 23rd, 2009

    So I’ve been cranking away the past week to get a PC up and running again. I’ve decided to take full advantage of Microsoft releasing the Beta for windows 7 in the mean time. I borrowed a PC from Pete and a laptop from another buddy, which I then went ahead and installed Windows 7(beta) on both. And I have to say. I’ve been impressed.

    This was a nightmare at first. The Network card that was already inside of it, a NetGear 10/100 network card’s drivers didn’t automatically pop up. So I had to do a LOT of searching to try and find Vista drivers, which I had to do on a separate PC. Then after I did get the drivers, the PC still wouldn’t let me connect to the internet. After that little problem I then put in another NetGear network card which did the exact same thing once I installed the drivers. At this point I gave up. I didn’t have the right video drivers nor did I have sound. As much as I liked the way Windows 7 looks, it wasn’t worth the hassle.

    Darren(the name I gave the laptop) was a virus filled PITA for my buddy. There was absolutely no use for it at all, so I decided to wipe it clean and install Windows 7 (hopefully to be more successful). Unfortunately I had network issues once again. At first I was ready to just give up again and write Windows 7 off as a bust. But, I decided to take the laptop home and try it on my home network. SUCCESS! As soon as I plugged it in my home network not only did it just plain as day work. It started downloading drivers for everything automatically. The wireless internet started working. The resolution automatically changed for the better. MAN this was great!

    Rebio Revisted:
    SO! I knew there had to be some other issue then. I then tried plugging my cable modem directly into Rebio. SUCCESS! Why didn’t I think of that before!? Windows 7 jumped online and started downloading all of my graphic drivers and going nuts. It found everything no problem EXCEPT the two network cards. It was great for a temporary fix. I can now install things to work on the machine and not have too much to worry about. BUT! I didn’t stop there! I decided to go through all of my old computer parts till I found a wireless card I bought years ago. It’s not super fast (It’s wireless B) but it gets the job done. I popped that puppy in and I’m good to go with that machine as well!

    Needless to say when I finally build my new computers(I plan on building two machines now) I will finally be willing to install a new OS. I HAVE to skip over Vista which annoyed me every time I’ve used it. And with all the similarities I’ve seen between the two (Windows 7 and Windows Vista) I think Microsoft pretty much got it right this time. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.