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MaG Fest 09

January 5th, 2009

MaGFest :: The Music and Game Festival.

I actually attended again this year, but this year I tackled all 4 days. Going from the 1st to the 4th. I had a great time and have plenty of stories to tell.

One thing that stands out in my head is… If you’re the Indiana Jones of gaming finding rare imports and things like that. Don’t be a jerk and play against people just to smash them off of the game without them even knowing what’s going on. That happened when I tried out Capcom versus Tatsunoko. I mean the guy heard me sit down and say “I never played this before” and he remained quiet. Then proceeded to thrash me without saying a word.

Moving on, I found that this would probably be the best place for me to release any new games that I 100% complete. Anything that I go all out and do such as “Dig”,”Donnie Bomber” or “Golem Golem Golem”. There’s a huge game area where I could probably fit a few if not one arcade machine. There’s already a bunch set up all over. More details on that later.

I’ve also seen that the “Donnie Bomber” shirts from like 5 years ago might’ve sold at MaGFest so I’m going to talk to my shirt dude and see if I can get a few printed out for next year.

It’s weird now that I am home and blogging about this, I finally have a chance to read all of the RSS feeds that I missed over the holiday to see that one of the sites I read was actually there. I had no clue what was happening in that corner…

… When I saw that corner it made me think to myself that I still want to build an arcade game, (as in a game in an arcade cabinet). On the other side of the room they had people play Street Fighter 4 which made me wonder if a brand new game could survive on pizza shops and malls alone. If the price of the machine isn’t $4,000 and the game was simple enough that average Joe can walk up and play it, how much would/could it make. I see plenty of games in bars still.

Overall I had a fantastic time at MaGFest. I will be there again next year, I just have to figure out everything that I am bringing to the convention and start making those preparations now.