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March 5th, 2015

So it’s 2015 and this year has been off to a crazy start. I’ve been rebuilding my website from the ground up, I stood up on stage with one of my favorite musicians, and I’ve really pushed forward with the pinball machine. Just wanted to let you know I still function. :)

Long time no updates

November 21st, 2014

I haven’t had much time to work on my pinball machine since the previous post, 2 days ago I resumed working on it. I have no pictures yet but I assure you, it’s being worked on. Sorry for the short update, I just hate the huge gap of no updates.

It’s not what I do say… it’s what I’m not saying… for my pinball.

April 27th, 2014

Flipper Pre insert
I’ve been doing a lot to get my pinball machine together over the past few weeks. Enough where I’m actually neglecting this blog because I’m working. :)


As I’ve been testing I’ve been posting on my Facebook page(which is kinda weird to do if I’m NOT posting on my blog), mainly because my Facebook is easier to upload to. That is until I fix this website. I have a lot of work to do… I hope I make you proud.

Solenoid Mount

April 6th, 2014
This is a mockup of the solenoid mount used in a Zizzle pinball machine.

This is a mockup of the solenoid mount used in a Zizzle pinball machine.

I didn’t get a chance at the end of March to talk about the project I worked on, because it isn’t being released yet. My buddy and I made a mockup for a game idea we’ve kicked around for the past 3 years. We’re going to do a bit more building off on it hence why I’m not showing it. It’s just not ready yet.
OH! Back to the solenoid mount. So, this weekend I “took it easy” and finally got around to a few projects that I wanted to finish up. The above is a recreated mount for a 24V DC 42N 10mm Open Frame Electronic Solenoid HCNE1-1253 that I plan on using for my pinball machine. I finally got a moment(and the motivation) to work on it a bit this weekend, and here are the results. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress.

So… This happened.

March 14th, 2014


State Shot Glass project

January 18th, 2014

For everyone who doesn’t know (I talk about it so much) I’ve been collecting state shot glasses. Whenever I travel, I have to think if I bought a shot glass while I was there before. NOW! I don’t have to wonder any more.

I’ve created an application on my website that allows me to look and see which shot glasses I’ve already purchased (So I can avoid buying a 3rd Texas shot glass >: \) and shot glasses that have been purchased for me.

This game that I’m playing is all about me traveling more and seeing the states. That being said, part of the game is me actually being there, so I’m discouraging people from purchasing state shot glasses and giving them to me.

SO! 11 down 40 to go! (I’m counting Washington D.C. in that list)

I still function()

November 2nd, 2013

     var busyAtWork:bool = true;

     while (busyAtWork)

     busyAtWork = false;

I haven’t been able to do much of anything because I’ve been busy at work. I’m caught in an endless loop (which has been a good thing). I’ll try and keep you all posted. :)

(I also can’t show you what I’m doing at work 😉 )